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Having access to radio communications in the event of an emergency can be essential, and may even save your life! Should your area experience a disaster, often cell phone, land phone, television and radio towers can go down. This can occur during a tornado, hurricane, flood or ice storm. Having an independently powered radio station can provide emergency communications, when traditional methods are not available.

An amateur (ham) radio can be powered by portable battery, car battery, household electricity, or solar cell.

Your amateur radio license is not difficult to get, and you license is for life.  Once you get it, you never have to test or pay a fee again to maintain your license.  The cost of the test is around $15.00

Use the following links to study for your Amateur Radio test:

Get Licensed!

If you do not have an Amateur License yet, this is what you need to get your Techician Class License!

  1. Pick your class
  2. Lastly Lookup Testing Sites and Times - Kansas
When you show up for testing, bring the following:
  • Photo identification such as drivers license, military ID, etc.
  • Proof of social security account number.
  • If currently licensed, bring a copy of your license for us to keep.
  • If upgrading and submitting a CSCE for credit, we need a copy of the CSCE.
  • A non-programmable calculator, if needed.
  • $15.00 cash. No checks/devit/credit/etc.
  • Pencils
  • Scratch paper.


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